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Study Concepts : Proficient Operations

The scientific approach to the Organization's operational activities leads the Company to more profitable and efficient operations i.e. PROFICIENT PLANT OPERATIONS. The techniques include:

Ten commandments of Productivity improvement
* Eliminate Waste
* Minimize Inventory
* Maximize flow
* Pull production from Customer demand
* Design for Rapid Change Over
* Partner with Supplier
* Empower workers/ Multi-skill workers
* Meet Customers' requirement
* Do It Right For the First Time
* Create a culture of Continuous Improvement

Five "M"s of Operational Activity : Material, Man, Machine, Method, Money

Wastage Reduction
Scrap Minimization
Cause And Effect analysis
Materials Flow Study
Manual operations Line Balancing
Man Power movement Analysis
Time Traps Crunching
Workstation Turn Over Time
Work Place Layout


Machine- Manual operational effective line balancing
Rapid Setup Method
Minimizing Break-downs with Total Productive Maintenance technique


Manufacturing Process Mapping
Manufacturing Cycle efficiency improvement
Visual Control and MIS systems
80/20 Rule of bottleneck Identification and Removal


Throughput Time crunching -Working Capital Cycle improvement
The concepts include proven effective improvement tools of

* Lean Manufacturing
* Plant layout Re-engineering
* Value Engineering exercise
* Efficient Material Handling
* DMAIC (Define Measure Analyze Improve Control) technique
* Kaizen

# Conservation of Energy
Provide solutions to optimize consumption of electrical as well as thermal energy
# Work In-process Inventory Control
Quantify Work in Progress Inventory between bottleneck operations & crunching WIP inventory to improve plant velocity.
# Seven Effective tools of Wastage Reduction
Over production, Defects, Transportation, Motion, Waiting, Processing, Inventory
Mistake proofing resulting to minimizing Rejections

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