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Implementation : Proficient Operations

The change is always associated with small difficulties or teething troubles which are quite common even while implementing a perfectly feasible recommendation. The problem is compounded by hectic schedule and other preoccupations of coordinating departments.

The proficient plant operations involve implementation of scientific tools alongwith total employee involvement.

It is suggested to form a team comprising of decision-maker, engineering and production mangers. This ensures Client's participation and facilitates comprehensive data collection and analysis. The team ensures immediate and correct evaluation of all suggestions with thorough involvement to implement suggestion on sustainable basis.

The basic study is conducted in first 30 to 60 days. The data collection and analysis is jointly carried out at site. This generates practical suggestions by weeding out errors, anomalies and controversies. A site report is prepared & discussed; also to finalize action plan & implementation schedule. This ensures collective responsibility and facilitates speedy implementation.

Further visits are planned at periodical intervals to implement suggestion and further discussion and solving of practical implementation bottlenecks. A visit report also documents progress of implementation, actual savings, difficulties & trouble shooting activities.

A small failure / difficulty may retard the tempo, slowing or even abandoning the process of implementation. The purpose of the study is defeated if suggestions are not put into practice.

The overall duration of the study is around six months. This ensures coverage of as many potential areas as possible and helps in devising control & monitoring system.

The final report is presented at the end of the studies.


Professional Fees

The fees can be directly linked to the actual savings; as we are confident of the results and are aware that a delighted client always honors his commitments.

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